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Update Fall 2021: The Cary Senior Center does not want to run our classes anymore. But you can join us at our new project Sex Positive Triangle

This website grew out of a discussion group I led at the Cary Senior Center in North Carolina. In the spring of 2016 I proposed a senior sexuality discussion group to the center administration and they were delighted with the idea.

We found the name Forever Sexual in a list of title ideas in the book Older, Wiser, Sexually Smarter.

I ran the group 3 times and then took a break as attendence was dropping. I started again in 2019 with a different format of once a month instead of once a week. The classes have been full ever since.

ForeverSexual    Spring 2019 flyer

My passions: sex ed, midwifery, women's health care, graphic design, web development, genealogy, classical music...

You can find me on:
Website: Bonnie Nilsen
Twitter: Twitter Bonnie Nilsen
Reddit: Reddit belle_bs